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Do you think all the killings in the U.K. justifies Trumps travel ban?

  • No (93%, 534 Votes)
  • Yes (7%, 39 Votes)

Total Voters: 573

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Trump Won’t Say if He Will Fire Sessions

‘I’m very disappointed in Jeff Sessions,’ president says in interview In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, President Trump continued to criticize Attorney General Jeff Sessions over his decision to recuse himself from any Russia related investigations. WSJ's...

Tough road ahead for McConnell on ObamaCare

Republicans on Tuesday cleared a crucial hurdle to begin the Senate healthcare debate, but now face the danger of a circular firing squad if they are unable to unify around a single proposal. The successful procedural vote sets up 20 hours of floor debate and votes on...

People are extremely alarmed at what Sammy Sosa looks like now

The photo you see above is of ex-MLB slugger Sammy Sosa in 2007, when he last played in the Majors. Since then, the sports world has become increasingly alarmed at how he's looked since then. Here's a photo from 2009 that had people wondering what was going on: Sosa...

Trumpworld lawyers up

A growing number of White House and Trump campaign officials are hiring their own lawyers to handle the wide-ranging probe into whether the president's associates colluded with Russia's 2016 election-meddling effort. The increasing number of lawyers could make life...

Does The Second Amendment Apply To African American Gun Owners?

By Moses Kamuiru. A test of constitutional agency Given that white Americans have led the liberalization of gun laws in the past decade, black gun carry is becoming a test of legal agency, injecting what University of Arizona gun culture expert Jennifer Carlson calls...

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